Will You Ever Remember Me – The Life and Times of Tim Buckley.

Tim Buckley

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“ Will you ever remember me…….?” The Life and Times of Tim Buckley

                       A Soundscape in Audio

Track Listing

Hallucinations – Tim Buckley

Bird of Paradise – Terry Riley

Last Post – Anzac day

Freesound effects

Piano Phase – Steve Reich

Song Slowly Sung – Tim Buckley

It’s gonna rain / Steve Reich

Jimi Hendrix – And the Gods made love

The Monkees – Last Train to Clarksville

No Man Can find the War – Tim Buckley

Apollo 11 – take off from the moon

Strange feeling- Tim Buckley

The Haunted Melody – Roland Kirk

I’ve been to the Mountaintop – Martin Luther King Jr.

Buzzin’ fly – Tim Buckley

Trip : The Turn On – Timothy Leary

Starsailor – Tim Buckley

Wooden Ships – Jefferson Airplane

Song to the Siren – Tim Buckley

The End of the Vietnam War – Richard Nixon

Make it Right – Tim Buckley

Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima – Krzysztof Penderecki

The Beatles – Let It Be

Once I was – Tim Buckley

Dolphins – Fred Neil / Tim Buckley

Hymne la Amour – Jeff Buckley / Gary Lucas

Voice of Tim Buckley

Sounds of the Earth – Voyager Spacecraft