The Songwriting Addiction

Monday 13th March 2017

With Saint Patrick’s day getting closer  and the sun bathing  Cork city today , I can’t help but think about the long tradition of songwriting in Ireland . There is something that compels us Irish to create music and thanks to new technology this is still possible no matter what age you may be.

Can’t wait for Barrack Street band , a greasy gourmet sausage  , the thump and skirl of the Pipe bands  and the Quiet Man.

I still enjoy it.

Dowtcha boy !!

Music documentary

Babylon is Burning Music Documentary 

Striking miners facing line of police

This documentary was created in a format where no narration was used  – instead relying on the listeners audio experience . A collage of sound using the music of David Sylvian and Japan as a backdrop to the 1980’s.


  • Freesound Effects
  •  Margaret Thatcher entering Downing Street
  •  Arthur Scargill
  •  The Ruts -Babylon Is Burning
  • John Hume quotes  Yeats Easter 1916
  • Pope John Paul 2nd
  • Steve Reich – Composer – Pulses
  • Miners Strike – Orgreave
  • Japan -The Quiet Life
  • Japan – Ghosts 
  • John Lennon – Last Interview
  • Mark Chapman on David Letterman
  • Rambo – First Blood
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  • David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours
  • Jimmy Carter – State of the Union Address
  • First Landing of Space Shuttle Columbia
  • David Sylvian – Preparations for a Journey / Words with the Shaman
  • Address by Ronald Reagan
  • The Brixton Riots
  • Stand Down Margaret – The Beat 
  • David Sylvian – The Boy With The Gun
  • The Clash – Straight to Hell live 
  • Bananarama – Cruel Summer
  • Freesound Effects
  • David Sylvian  – Nostalgia
  • Billy Bragg – Which side are you on.
  • Arthur Scargill
  • Local Hero – soundtrack and trailer
  • David Sylvian – Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples